Noatikl In Cubase 6.5

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Re: Noatikl In Cubase 6.5

Post by eenixon » Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:34 pm

Of course, there's no small irony here because Steinberg "owns" the VST specification.

That Noatikl has difficulty as a VST plug-in and one should just use a "well behaved" DAW other than Cubase doesn't ring true wrt great customer service. Maybe the VST library Intermorphic has licensed is not the right tool. I'd assert it isn't.

As I said before, there are lots of other plug-ins that seem to function flawlessly in just about any context, Steinberg itself or other, 3rd party product. What do their makers do?


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Re: Noatikl In Cubase 6.5

Post by impete » Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:08 pm


Well, I'm of course sorry to hear that about problems with Noatikl in Cubase.

I can but think that in general, VST vendors probably focus on VST versions of their software, so can focus entirely on that.

We support so many platform variants, that we simply haven't got the resources to follow-up on every platform; I'm not sure when we might look to offer support for the VST 3 specification, for example.

As you know, we use a third party library for our VST/AU abstraction API; they don't have plans for this currently (

The reason we use a 3rd party library for this, is that there really are very many issues in getting plug-in software to work as well as possible across all the different host variants.

One might think, for example, that both Reaper and Cubase should both work the same way with VST plug-ins, as the VST API is quite well documented. However, they don't; Reaper seems to be far better behaved; every host seems to behave differently. This is one reason why we have 30-demo versions of all our plug-in software.

It is interesting, reading around the net, that (for example) Windows Cubase users are recommended to avoid using 32-bit plug-ins with 64-bit Cubase, as VSTBridge doesn't seem to be reliable; the perceived wisdom appears to use 64-bit plug-ins instead. And this is even though Cubase/Steinberg own the format!

Anyhow: if you want a refund on your VST plug-in variant, please simply contact Tim.

Best wishes,


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Re: Noatikl In Cubase 6.5

Post by differencetone » Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:25 pm


I would like to second the comment that maybe your VST code vendor isn't very good. I realize that your primary focus isn't VST but I for one would be willing to pay more for a decent VST version, even with no further functionality; just to have the plugin work well. I do not want to learn Reason nor is Reason free contrary to popular opinion. It's a great program but it offers very little functionality compared with older programs.

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