Next Note and harmony Rules

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Next Note and harmony Rules

Post by kenwdowney » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:47 pm

I am a totally blind person using Noatikl on my iPhone. (Try it some time when you're bored, it's quite challenging.) Anyway, the design screen is largely inaccessible, meaning that I couldn't do much with the Partikl engine. I worked around that by installing the Bizmark S16I soundfont player, which works well and excepts more MIDI controllers than any other soundfont player I've found on Windows. Anyway, Noatikl and I are getting on just fine--except for the rules. These are obviously self-explanatory when you can see what's happening, but the rules area is also totally inaccessible--except that I can copy a rule to the clipboard, click edit, delete the rule's name, paste the rule in, modify it, cut it, cancel the edit and finally paste in the modified rule. In other words, it's a bit complex--but it gets the job done. However, what it means is that I have no point of reference for some of these rules. Scale rules are very straightforward, and I have no trouble with them. It's the other rule types that give me trouble, especially the harmony and next note rules. I think I understand the concepts of how they are supposed to work, but when all I see is a set of numbers it's hard to define exactly what's going on. My hope is that someone can give me an example and explain exactly how it works. (Maybe, since the process of extracting and editing the rule is so complex, I'm making it all more complicated than it needs to be?) Anyway, i'm asking all of you because i've bugged poor Tim about accessibility and rules and such quite enough.
Oh, one more thing. The radio buttons for posting to specific topics, if that's what they do, are unlabeled.
My thanks to Intermorphic for all the great work they have put into Noatikl!

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Re: Next Note and harmony Rules

Post by impete » Thu Sep 19, 2013 7:58 am

Hi Ken,

I think that you probably need to a link to information on how the rules work, which is here: ... #the-rules

Let us know if you get stuck; we'll certainly try to help!!

Your feedback has been very important; as a result, it has helped us to refocus very carefully on trying to keep accessibility within the apps as good as possible in future developments. Hopefully you can stick with us, as we improve things down the road!

If there is still a problem with labelling on the site, can you please mail Tim to let him know, in case he doesn't pick-up on this forum post? Many thanks!

Best wishes,


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