Logic - midi cc -> fader conversion - limitations

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Logic - midi cc -> fader conversion - limitations

Post by Umcorps » Sun Dec 21, 2008 4:15 pm

I've bumped into what seems to be a major gotcha in the Logic environment which I
thought it was worth sharing as a kind of cautionary update to the video tutorial
about mix automation via noatikl in Logic.

Recap:- as you know, Logic does mix automation using internal "fader"
messages. Just about every parameter of every Logic plugin has a fader
assignment meaning these are several hundred in number (eg the LFO
speed controls in Sculpture have fader numbers in the mid 300 range).
The tutorial showed how to translate incoming midi CCs into these
fader messages in the Environment.

The gotcha?

The Environment is stuck in the 80s, wears eyeliner and a snood and
can only cope with single byte values. The highest fader number it can
transmit is 127.

So, noatikl and any other external controller can only access the
first 127 fader assignments when going via the Environment. So that LFO 2
rate in Sculpture is completely off limits to noatikl.

There isn't a very tidy workaround to this from a noatikl point of view.

It is possible to assign any and all fader values to incoming midi CCs
by performing a midi learn operation in the control surface setup
window on a case by case basis. However, the problem in doing that is
this was only designed with control surfaces in mind. So, as you don't
usually change contol surface inbetween projects, the definition file
that results from this process is system wide - it's sticky between
Logic projects.

I can't think of an appropriate workaround for this. Anyone?


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