Koan Pro mutation...

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Koan Pro mutation...

Post by impete » Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:57 pm

Hi Folks,

I have just found that there was a bug in Koan Pro, where the Mutation Factor was applied even when the Mutate No. Bars minimum was set to zero. This was wrong, and might confuse you when you import it into Noatikl and find that it doesn't mutate. :)

Noatikl interprets this value as documented in the Koan Pro docs, viz:

Mutate No. Bars

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Determines how many bars the voice will go before mutating (for Fixed Pattern or Repeat Bar Voice types only). If this is set to zero the voice will never mutate. If set to 2 for example, it will apply the mutation every 2 bars (provided the Mutate No. Bars Range parameter has been set to 0, otherwise it will randomly vary according to the range used). When using this in conjunction with a FixedPattern Voice Type make sure the parameter is set to the same number of bars as the pattern.

So if you import a Koan piece which mutated even when Mutate No Bars was set to zero (!), it won't mutate in Noatikl. The solution is simply to set the value to 1 before importing it (or change the value in Noaitkl after you've imported it!). It'll then work the same way in both Koan Pro and Noatikl.


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