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where to start

Post by willingp » Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:13 am

just bought noatikl for MacBook (Snow Leopard), thinking I could just start composing, like I did years ago with Koanx. No sound; play button activates but no sound; upper right corner says IAC Driver Bus. Not even sure what this program is supposed to do.....am thinking maybe it was a $100 mistake, and you need to be an experienced musician and also midi expert. Is this program for composing, or am I supposed to already have midi files and just use this for some kind of editing?
Need instructions for dummies, not the manual or "tutorials".

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Re: where to start

Post by Umcorps » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:24 pm

Need instructions for dummies, not the manual or "tutorials".
Sorry to say that the "tutorials" are actually the place to start.

http://www.youtube.com/v/8S1PcAl2X-o&rel=1 is how to set noatikl up with the IAC using the Quicktime synth. The tutorial about using noatikl with Garageband is also useful if you want to use more interesting software instruments.

If you were looking for the KoanX experience, Mixtikl might have been a better place to start because it's self contained and you can get good results very quickly without needed to get technical about anything.

Noatikl is a powerful, generative midi controller. It's miles better than anything Koan ever was, but it does need time and practice to get the best out of it. There really isn't an easy way into it, other than the routes described in the introductory tutorials. If you take the time to find your way into it, there are a world of possibilities in there.

Noatikl rewards diligent exploration but doesn't offer many shortcuts. Mixtikl gives good results quickly but allows you to dig much deeper if you wish.

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Re: where to start

Post by impete » Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:19 pm

Thanks Mark!

Here is exactly what to do, step by step (I have just tested with this on my Mac)....
This basically follows what is covered by the first tutorial video for Mac.

Sorry if this is a little complicated; there are no such problems on Windows where basic MIDI playback is *far* better integrated with no need for 3rd party software. :(

1. Run MIDI Pipe.
Double-click MIDI In in the Tools list (this adds Midi In to the Pipe section on the side)
In the "MIDI Input" drop-list below, make sure that the MIDI Input is set to be IAC Driver - Bus 1
Double-click DLS Synth in the Tools list (you will now see Midi In, with DLS Synth just below it, in the Pipes section on the right-hand side).
MIDI Pipe is now fully configured!

2. Run Noatikl.
Select IAC Driver Bus 1 as the output
Start playing - you should hear Music!

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