Noatikl AU in Logic 9 - behavior with tempo changes

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Noatikl AU in Logic 9 - behavior with tempo changes

Post by erikbojerik » Sat Oct 26, 2013 5:05 pm

Logic Express 9.1.8 on MBP 2.3 GHz i7 running OS X 10.8.5

I am in the middle of the trial period using the AU, not sure which version since the start-up splash screen does not display the version number. I am using it for pushing MIDI to a ESX24 drumkit I have set up, using the 93 BPM template, so far so good. I am using IAC Driver.

In Logic the AU responds to transport control and tempo changes as expected, but I notice a few things:

(1) I get a huge CPU spike whenever I click the stop button on Logic's transport, also when starting transport but it is a smaller spike.

(2) At a tempo transition I seem to get double hits on everything, even if the notes are not strictly on 1 (first beat of the measure). For example, in the template the Kick is on every beat but the snare is off-beat (syncopated), but at the tempo transition I will hear them both (the Kick twice, like a flam). Same if I have a constant tempo and change the tempo manually in transport.

(3) When looping over several measures, with a tempo change in the middle of the loop, Noatikl will do fine the first time through (with double hits at the transition as above), but then does not play at all when the loop returns to the beginning (no sound and no MIDI coming in). Sometimes it will pick it all up again after a measure or two, sometimes not at all until the tempo change, after which it plays everything at the correct tempo but then loses everything again when the loop returns to the beginning.

Looping with no tempo change appears to work fine.

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