Noatikl 2 VST not in sync with host (Cubase 8)

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Noatikl 2 VST not in sync with host (Cubase 8)

Post by MichaCubase » Tue Aug 18, 2015 9:55 am

If Noatikl is used in an instrument slot and the midi output is routed to the host then the syncroniziation of noatikl is to slow.

It is not a constant delay! A constant delay was described in the manual (10ms) and i know this issue.
It is a time shift of millisecond per bar, that means after 20 bar the shift was 1 second after 40 bars 2 seconds. It loks like the Naotik has another (slower) tempo.
I changed the tempo in the host and it was set to the piece tempo, this works.
The midi input indicator of my track indicates that i received a not and a with a significat delay the sound will be played from the VST Synth. For me it looks like that the midi on will be sent with a wrong timecode. Another midi input for this source works fine.

What i try:

All the reinstalling funny stuff of: Desktop Audio Plugin (64-bit) 2.8.1 - Jun 15 2015
Checked: other plugins which need timecode and uses internal mid routing (drum machines, appregiator) -> everything works fine

Cubase 8.0.2. Win, Win 8.1, WinX

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Re: Noatikl 2 VST not in sync with host (Cubase 8)

Post by impete » Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:41 am

Hi Micha,

Can you please tell me if this works with Reaper, as an alternative host to Cubase?

Best wishes,


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