Sonar Crash opening a project using Noatikl 3

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Sonar Crash opening a project using Noatikl 3

Post by jptrudel » Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:11 pm


Running Sonar Platinum on Windows 10.
Any project using Noatikl get corrupted and cannot be re-open. Sonar is crashing creating a minidump and an eror message pointing to Noatikl.

This can be repeat on a consistent base.
attached is the minidump file from Sonar if that can help you.
Sonar has been very stable for months in the studio.

I know you are not supporting Noatikl 3 on Win7 but I have been able to reproduce this bug on this platform also.
I also got in trouble in ableton Live on the Win7 platform not being able to reopen a project.
This is also repeatable.

I run i7 CPU with 8 gb RAM.

Love the product and hope to get over this situation.


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