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Noatikl 2 has arrived!

Installing Noatikl 2 trial software will replace Noatikl 1 software. Be sure to back up your Noatikl 1.x software before installing and trying out the Noatikl 2 trial version (don't worry too much, though, as for a while you can re-download Noatikl 1.8 from the archive link [ ... kl_archive). Continued use of Noatikl 2 beyond the trial period requires the purchase of a new licence, when you will be emailed the new Product Key(s).

Why is Noatikl 2 such a big step forward for Noatikl?
Sometimes it is really hard to tell from a feature list (as below) just why something is so special.

Simply put, Noatikl now "sounds" great, is much easier to get results from and it gets you a bigger audience for your compositions.

It "sounds" great
Before the inclusion of the Partikl MIDI, Sound & FX Multi-synth, you could only driven external MIDI synths with Noatikl as it included no sound generators. You can continue to use Noatikl to drive external sound generators but you now also have the option to design/modify your own modular synth sounds and FX networks for it to play though (and you can do that for all or just some voices). These sound and fx networks you define get saved to the partikl file you save. To check out how good Noatikl can sound, get Mixtikl Full, Trial or Free and select either of the three "mixtikls" below to hear something created in Noatikl. These were each initially based on one of the Mixtikl templates now included in Noatikl and all voices play through Partikl (which is also embedded in Mixtikl). The links are URLs which include all the Noatikl and Partikl parameters required to play the live generative music you hear- they are not to audio recordings!

"mixtikls" for playing in Mixtikl Full, Trial or Free
Noatikl_Drifting1 "mixtikl":
Noatikl_Drifting2 "mixtikl":
Noatikl_Drifting3 "mixtikl": (big thanks to David Muddyman for allowing us to use some of his voices)

"partikls" for playing in Noatikl 2, so you can see how they were made!
Noatikl_Drifting1 "partikl":
Noatikl_Drifting2 "partikl":
Noatikl_Drifting3 "partikl": (big thanks to David Muddyman for allowing us to use some of his voices)

It's much easier to use & get results from
Noatikl used to be just a MIDI event generator, but because it now includes a powerful sound engine (try the links above) it really is so much easier to get going and to get results. The large number of included templates means there is always something else to start from when it comes to creating ideas. And, being able to see in the new network display just how all the voices (and sounds and fx) link up makes it much easier to see how things are working.

A bigger audience for your work
The inclusion of Partikl has opened up a whole new world for Noatikl as it means your generative music compositions can be truly "sonically" portable and played by anyone who has Noatikl, or Mixtikl Full, Trial or Free. Yes, they can be tweeted as "partikls" so only those in the Noatikl "club" can play them, or as "mixtikls" so that Mixtikl users can play them. You can embed them in emails, too etc. It is not our role to convince you of the fun of sharing, or even why tweeting is so cool, but if you do "get" that kind of thing then this really is a major development for you as it means many, many more people can hear the clever and really beautiful things that you can do with generative music. It gives you access to a bigger audience and a way to reach them.

Integrated Partikl multisynth & modular synth/fx network
• Built-in support for the the advanced Partikl MIDI, sound & FX multi-synth for sound generation as previously featured in Mixtikl
• Full MIDI output support still retained; Partikl output is optional (but enabled by default)
• Partikl? checkbox in transport panel makes it a snap to enable/disable Partikl output
• Makes it easy for new Noatikl users to get going without any preparation of hooking-up to separate synthesizers; Noatikl makes sounds right out of the box!
• MIDI output from Noatikl is now optional - no need to configure Noatikl with MIDI devices!
• Plug-ins: Noatikl generates both optional Partikl audio data (new!) and MIDI data (1.x)
• The complete set of synth/effects presets as featured in Mixtikl
• Supports built-in custom sample wavetable (DLS1/Ogg/Wav based) (dialogs not available Mixtikl)
• By default, now saves to .partikl format, which includes all noatikl rule data and associated partikl sound data

New main Noatikl Network editor view
• Shows both Noatikl Voice networks and Partikl Synth/Effects network
• Drag Voice to MIDI Channel (or vice-versa) for easy MIDI channel mapping
• Drag Voice to Voice for easy Follow/Repeat voice networks
• Tap synth/effects boxes to pop-up built-in Partikl FX/Synth network/unit and sample editors
• Supports built-in custom sample wavetable (DLS1/Ogg/Wav based)
• Improved Transport panel

Templates from Mixtikl now built-in
• BellsMetalsArps
• Dronemaker1
• Gen Drums 1 MIDI (previously sold as an add-on for Noatikl at $6.99)
• Gen Drums 1 Owt
• Gen Drums 2 MIDI (previously sold as an add-on for Noatikl at $6.99)
• Gen Drums 2 Owt
• Gen Elements 1 MIDI (previously sold as an add-on for Noatikl at $6.99)
• Gen Elements 1 Synth
• GenMix1
• GenMix2
• GenMix3
• GenMix4
• GenMix5
• GenMix6
• GenMix7
• Noatikl Seed
• LoopBeats 1
• LoopBeats 2
• ZZZ_rests

Built-in support for playing partikl:// and noatikl:// URLs
• Share your Noatikl compositions via Twitter!
• Export your Noatikl compositions as "mixtikls" so Mixtikl / Mixtikl Free users can hear them!

New Menu options:
• Export -> Export With Partikl Sounds
• Export -> Export as Mixtikl Mix (share your Noatikl compositions with Mixtikl users - even those with Mixtikl Free!)
• Export -> Export Noatikl Rules
• Export -> Save As Noatikl Rules
• Tools -> Show Folders -> Noatikl MIDI Recordings
• Tools -> Show Folders -> ~/Library/Noatikl (Mac only!)
• Tools -> Show Folders -> Noatikl data folder
• Tools -> Show Folders -> Partikl TG
• Tools -> Show Folders -> Partikl FX
• Options -> Devices -> Output
• Options -> Devices -> Input
• Help -> Other IM Creativity Tools -> Mixtikl / Liptikl

Minor changes
• Replaced the Pattern Editor dialog "Default" button with a "Presets" button, matching all various options in Mixtikl's drill-down Noatikl editor. This makes it *far* faster to get going with patterns.
• Mac: by default use ~/Library/Noatikl, rather than ~/Documents/intermorphic/noatikl
• Renamed various items in the Noatikl object/parameter group side-bar
• If you try closing when a modified file is mid-edit, you're prompted first to save or close the file.
• Various bug fixes

Noatikl V2 Product Cycle:
• Noatikl 2 is the start of the V2 product cycle and we believe it represents a big and exciting step forward for Noatikl.
• We will be adding further features during the V2 product cycle as well as making further improvements.

Available now:
Noatikl Desktop Audio Plugins (Win/Mac) here:
Noatikl Desktop Standalone (Win only) here:

Available soon:
Noatikl Desktop Standalone (Mac only) here: Mac App Store ... 3273?mt=12

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