Noatikl 2.1.3

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Noatikl 2.1.3

Post by imtim » Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:45 pm

Noatikl 2.1.3 is now available.

It's celebration time for past Koan users who can crack open the bubbly! It is hard to believe we started work on Koan in 1990 and the first Beta of Koan was sent out 20 years ago (1992), but Noatikl 2.1.3 lets you open Koan files [ ... ral_4.html] created with any version of Koan as far back as that then (e.g. precursors to Koan Pro, Koan Pro and the drag'n'mix Koan X). This should be a boon for Koan creators who have old Koan files they do not want to become orphaned. So without further ado...

This is a new feature and bug fix release:
• Mac/Win (Standalone/Plugins): added load/import of old Koan file data (.skd, .skt, .skm files...)
• Mac/Win (Standalone): added standard "File -> Open Recent..." menu item ***
• Mac (Standalone): added the standard "full screen" mode button in top right ***
• Windows: Fixed handling of Pitch Bend sensitivity property (see bug:

♥ We hope you love our regular Noatikl updates and we thank you for your fantastic reviews and support! We listen and respond!

Available now:
Noatikl 2.1.3 Desktop Audio Plugins (Win/Mac) here:
Noatikl 2.1.3 Desktop Standalone (Win only) here:

Already submitted and available once approved by Apple:
Noatikl 2.1.3 Desktop Standalone (Mac only) will be available here from the Mac App Store: ... 3273?mt=12

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