Noatikl 2.1.5

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Noatikl 2.1.5

Post by imtim » Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:19 pm

Noatikl 2.1.5 is now available.

This is a new feature and bug fix release:
• All versions: fixed issue where initial Patch change MIDI events were not always delivered at piece start
• All versions: on-line help links from the FX and Sound Generator units now working
• All Mac versions: MIDI File Recordings now saved to ~/Music/Noatikl/MIDI Recordings; this folder is now a fixed location on Mac (so on Mac, you no longer see the Change button in the Noatikl Preferences or MIDI Cooker dialogs). All Noatikl MIDI recordings files that are found in the old folder location (assuming you haven't customised it!), are moved automatically to the new folder when Noatikl first starts up.
• Mac App Store version: added full-screen support

♥ We hope you love our regular Noatikl updates and we thank you for your fantastic reviews and support! We listen and respond!

Available now:
Noatikl 2.1.5 Desktop Audio Plugins (Win/Mac) here:
Noatikl 2.1.5 Desktop Standalone (Win only) here:
Noatikl 2.1.5 Desktop Standalone (Mac only) is available here from the Mac App Store:

Already submitted and available once approved by Apple:

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