Noatikl 2.5.15 (iOS)

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Noatikl 2.5.15 (iOS)

Post by imtim » Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:18 am

Noatikl 2.5.15 for iOS is now available.

This is a new feature / bug fix release for Noatikl iOS (Desktop updates to follow):
- New: Added Soundfont SF2 support (mono only - stereo channel data is ignored for now), *accessed/selected via (purple) Wavetable Sound Unit*
- New: Includes 6 all new high quality SF2 files (Drums Acoustic, Piano Upright, Piano Electric, Guitar 12-String, Synths, E-Perc)
- New: Branding and icons with updated, refreshed UI that improves usability

- Now *much* easier to back-up content via iTunes, and to share content between Mixtikl and Noatikl
- Improved Sound/fx screen links to (online) contextual help
- Deprecated the old "global" DLS / custom wavetable editors
- Renamed "Use Patch?" voice parameter to "Send MIDI Bank/Patch?"
- Added missing tempo envelope support
- Improved Wavetable Unit
- Fixed Portamento control in Osc Unit
- Now iOS 7 and later only
- Native 64-bit iOS support
- Added Crash reporting
- Added Analytics

♥ We hope you love our regular Noatikl updates and we thank you for your fantastic reviews and support! We listen and respond!

Available now :
Noatikl 2.5.15 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch at the App Store:

Already submitted and available once approved by Apple:

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