Noatikl 2.5.22 (Win/Mac)

Latest release and release history, with changes
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Noatikl 2.5.22 (Win/Mac)

Post by imtim » Mon Jul 21, 2014 4:35 pm

Noatikl 2.5.22 updates:
- Desktop Audio Plugins (Win/Mac available now);
- Desktop Standalone (Win available now; Noatikl Mac available now. Those who have purchased IAP for Noatikl Free see here:

This is a new feature / bug fix release for Noatikl Desktop and Noatikl Desktop Audio Plugins :
- New: Added Soundfont SF2 support (mono only - stereo channel data is ignored for now), accessed/selected via Wavetable Sound Unit
- New: Includes 6 all new high quality SF2 files (Drums Acoustic, Piano Upright, Piano Electric, Guitar 12-String, Synths, E-Perc)
- Added: "Send all CC events" checkbox in Preferences; uncheck to send only Bank Select, Micro Controllers and User Envelopes
- Added: Crash reporting, so we can be much more responsive for finding and fixing any crashes
- Fixed: Missing tempo envelope support
- Fixed: Crash on start if you had a mono audio input device selected as default in Audio MIDI Setup on Mac...
- Fixed: Behaviour of "Auto Restart?" parameter
- Fixed: Listening voice behaviour
- Improved: Much easier to use wavetables in Noatikl via the Wavetable unit (the DLS and Samples dialogs are now deprecated)
- Improved: Files are now saved and opened by default from Music/Intermorphic/... so they are much more easily shared with Mixtikl, and with Noatikl and Mixtikl for iOS
- Improved: Tempo changing; now much smoother
- Improved: "Getting started" information is now shown when you have no documents open
- Improved: Renamed "Use Patch?" voice parameter to "Send MIDI Bank/Patch?"
- Improved: Most pop-up panels (e.g. MIDI cooker) can now be resized
- Removed: Timer Accuracy (ms) from Noatikl preferences (deprecated)

We greatly thank users who take the time to report issues to us via our support form or so that we are quickly alerted to them and can fix them for you. Thank you so much for your support and reviews! Tim & Pete

Links :
Noatikl 2.5.22 Desktop Audio Plugins (Win/Mac):
Noatikl 2.5.22 Desktop Standalone (Win only, 32-bit):
Noatikl 2.5.22 Desktop Standalone (Win only, 64-bit):
Noatikl 2.5.22 Desktop Standalone (Mac only) at the Mac App Store:

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