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Post by impete » Tue Jan 08, 2008 11:27 pm

We have updated noatikl to version

This includes the following updates:
- Added (phrase) Note Rest % parameter.
Defaults to zero; noatikl will cause any note that would otherwise
be played by noatikl, to instead be treated as a rest, that defined
percentage of the time. Very useful for making any voice sound more
sparsely. Give it a go!
- Added optional patch Bank MSB/LSB in the Patch cell,
which you can use via this sort of format: patch.msb.lsb, e.g.: 98.53.0
In this case, noatikl will emit bank select CCs for both MSB and LSB
according to the settings you supply.
- Fixed bug where cooking did not capture tempo information properly in
all circumstances.
- Fixed problem when starting to play a voice, where noatikl chose the
initial state (playing/resting) without properly weighting the choice
according to the phrase and gaps parameter values.
- Display MIDI cooker dialog with the correct background colour.
- Renamed noatikl console window menu item.

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