Liptikl 1.3.0 (iOS / OS X / Win)

Latest release and release history, with changes
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Liptikl 1.3.0 (iOS / OS X / Win)

Post by imtim » Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:06 pm

Liptikl 1.3.0

Updated Apps:
- Liptikl for iOS (Universal)
- Liptikl Desktop for Windows
- Liptikl Desktop for OS X

What's New:
- ALL: EOL Rhyme On/Off toggle in Create screen allows End Of Line rhyming to be turned off
- ALL Desktop: Tap to lock/unlock word in Create section (toggle is set with right mouse)
- OS X: Fixed red button file close mechanism
- iOS: Major performance improvements in Files screen (esp noticeable with many files)
- iOS: Greyed Word Library default instruction text no longer used when randomising (new files)
- iOS: Sources and Create tabs position swapped to make workflow consistent with Desktop version
- iOS: Create button moved to right side for better workflow
- Bug fixes

Thank you so much for your support and reviews! As ever please leave any feedback @intermorphic, or get in touch via our forum, support form or

Liptikl download links:
Liptikl for iOS at the iTunes App Store:
Liptikl for Mac (Desktop Standalone) at the Mac App Store:
Liptikl 30 day trial for Windows (Desktop Standalone) from IM Website:

Liptikl Info:
User Guide:

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