Mixtikl 4.0 just days away we hope...

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Mixtikl 4.0 just days away we hope...

Post by imtim » Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:55 pm

On Friday we hope to be able to release generative music app Mixtikl 4.0 (full/free) concurrently for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch / PC & Mac. These will be free updates yet again for customers with Mixtikl 2.x / 3.x. Fingers crossed!

Mixtikl 4 brings drill-down parameter editing of core Noatikl parameters, allowing you to customise all included generative content. Messing with patterns and pattern randomisation can be a lot of fun for generating new riff ideas and arps. The new Noatikl parameter editor is primarily aimed mainly at Noatikl users who are familiar with Noatikl for PC/Mac, which is also recommended for constructing pieces from scratch. That said, if you are into experimenting and you don't know Noatikl, there is a still a ton to mess with!

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