Generative Music 1 + koan player ?

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Generative Music 1 + koan player ?

Post by izimizam » Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:09 pm


as a fan of eno i would love to source a copy of koan player and the eno track files that came with it ? is this possible , impossible ? it seems a great shame these works have been lost in history.

Were the eno track files every distributed with a version of koan ?

I would personally love to setup an old desktop pc i have here with koan player and the eno files and hear the pieces as they are in that moment.

can anyone help ?

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Re: Generative Music 1 + koan player ?

Post by impete » Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:18 am

Hi izimizam,

Alas, the Generative Music One product we (SSEYO) co-published with Brian Eno (Opal Arts) is no longer available.
The Koan player software (and Brian's pieces) came in a lovely box on a single Floppy Disk!

The Koan pieces in "GM1" were designed *specifically* to play only on Windows PCs with Creative Labs AWE32 soundcards; they took specific advantage of MIDI controllers on that card to get the exact sounds that Brian wanted. Of course, this was in the days well before the wide availability of cross-platform software synthesizers...

I've been told that the Science Museum in London currently has a PC set-up appropriately, "live running" the Koan software with Brian's pieces. I must pop along sometime to investigate :)

Luckily of course, the technology behind Koan lives on (so to speak) in Noatikl. Mixtikl contains a software synthesizer called Partikl, which can be used in combination with the built-in Noatikl engine to create content which should - hopefully! - still be playable "as intended" in the far distant future.

Best wishes,


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