Trouble setting up in Live 8.2/Apple.

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Trouble setting up in Live 8.2/Apple.

Post by goofy priest » Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:09 am

>Ok . I got it. I should have been putting ' IAC Driver' in my Live input selector. i'll leave my mistake up for future generations:

I can't get anything, midi or audio. To sum up.

The IAC DRiver is on line.
I downloaded Midi Pipeline. (I have no clue what I'm supposed to do with it)
But I do see it's Midi Input pull downmenu is set to IAC-Bus 1. There are a bunch of other choices though.
In Live's preferences I turned the IAC driver on as an active midi port.
I loaded Noatikl into a midi track in Live. Set the input to 'No Input'
Then I loaded a Virtual synth into another track. The input of that track is set the the track which has Noatikl on it (Live even had Noatikl labeled on the input selector)
I choose a new 'Simple' template. Hit play, the numbers start to run on the elapsed time indicator. But that is it. Nothing else.No Midi track indicators. The monitor button is on.

What am i doing wrong? Any ideas?

Also Live crashed a few times during this process. And when I close Noatikl's editor window it won't open again. Even when I use the little floating windows's 'open editor' button.

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