Koan Player; how to make it work in a 64 bits environment ?

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Koan Player; how to make it work in a 64 bits environment ?

Post by datadrone.flux » Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:27 pm

I got a copy of Koan Player; how can I make it work in a 64 bits PC environment ? I also have another copy of a player on a old iMac (12 years old and still running !). On the other hand, there is nice music made with koan all over the world; free to download. The problem is, if there is no player available, all this musical output will disappear !!! A lot of these archives are available only in skp and skm files, and I could not open them with Noatikl.

Any suggestions, Tim and Pete ? Any chance of a new produtct from Noatikl with the aforementioned features on the pipelines ?


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Re: Koan Player; how to make it work in a 64 bits environmen

Post by Umcorps » Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:20 pm

You can probably make it work by installing something like Virtual Box, sourcing an old image of Windows 95 to install on it and go from there.

However that only solves the easy part.

The REAL challenge is that there isn't a way to emulate an AWE32 in software that I know of and most of the good stuff from the Koan era was written specifically for that sound card. If you limit your selection to Koan works for pure GM/GS synths that will get you by. But if you want to recreate all the things that the AWE32 brought with it, the simplest way is to scour Ebay/Craigslist etc and hunt down the actual 90s vintage hardware.

Noatikl is already backwardly compatible with Koan to some extent in that it will read skd files. So if they were hardware agnostic when written, old skd files will work OK (like the Morphing drum and bass pack from 1998 that you can download free from the Intermophic web site). It surprises me they went as far as that, to be honest but I can't see there is any further for them to go down that road. Even if it was possible (and, coding aside, the intellectual rights negotiations would be an absolute nightmare), I don't think there would be much business sense in trying to write software emulations of 20 year old sound cards given all the toys we have at our fingertips right now.

Basically, Ebay is the most direct answer. :)

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