Some New Noatikl related Videos

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Some New Noatikl related Videos

Postby imtim » Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:35 pm

We have at last made a few new short videos!

We hope they help to show how to do some things with Noatikl and also how to use Noatikl to edit Wotja content and make it clear how you can share generative via Wotja Music URLs.

Noatikl 3 - Modifying and mixing a Noatikl piece:

Noatikl 3 - Creating a Piece from Templates and Tweeting with Wotja:

Noatikl 3 - Creating a generative music piece for use as Custom Backing in Wotja:

Wotja 3 - Customising a Noatikl Player:

More info:

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