Are you a fan of Noatikl?

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Are you a fan of Noatikl?

Post by imtim » Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:51 am

If you are a fan of Noatikl, there are a number of ways you can help us and most of them are really simple. And, in case you are in any doubt, we can assure you that app love from our fans really does help give us the strength to keep pushing forward with new features and capabilities!

1) Reviews and ratings
OSX & iOS versions:
Please leave a nice review in the App Store, or, failing that, a rating. And, if you are a super fan, then please consider leaving a new short review or rating every update (or reasonably often if not every update)! :D.

NB: Because Apple app stores do not allow us to respond to reviews we much prefer if you contact us directly to let us know if something is wrong. If you have left a poor review or rating and we have fixed what was vexing you then please do update it!
Windows versions:
There is no equivalent to the App Store reviews, but if you would like to send us a short quote we could put it in the relevant quotes section on our website. Please send these in via our Support form (

2) Telling friends
It may seem obvious, but if you enjoy using Noatikl, then some of your friends might, too! If it is appropriate, you could mention Noatikl and what you are doing with it in tweets or Facebook posts or even just over a pint down at the pub!

3) Making/posting/sharing - recordings, PSE sound networks and tips
Recordings: We love it when we hear what people make with Noatikl, and so do others in the community. It is easy these days to make and sharing recordings (e.g. via SoundCloud), and you can alert people to these recordings in the forum. When you share a recording and others hear it, you might also get comments and feedback, too! See:

Sounds: If you make a great Partikl sound preset, then why not share that in the Partikl forum? The more people that do, then the more sounds you will have to use in your compositions, too. See:

Tips: Sharing tips is a great way to help others and pooled knowledge helps everyone create better content. See:

4) Sharing your compositions via Wotja Music URLs
This one requires a bit more knowledge, but it is also good interactive fun. When you make a Noatikl piece you are proud of you are now able to export it to clipboard and import into Wotja 3 ( as a custom Backing or Player. Wotja now allows you to Tweet, Facebook or Instant Message share that as a Wotja Music URL (WJURL). To hear it LIVE someone just needs to get Wotja FREE, and that's free of course! For info on how to import Noatikl content into Wotja, see:

We hope you continue to enjoy using Noatikl and making ideas, music and cool fun stuff with it!

Tim and Pete