Noatikl triggering external multi-timbral hardware synths

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Noatikl triggering external multi-timbral hardware synths

Postby SteeplyInclined » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:53 pm

Hi, how are others triggering external hardware synths..I use noatikl 3 plugin , in reaper and have managed to split noatikls midi channels to separate vsti tracks/channels...via the sequencer midi pipeline ..which is great..however no joy when trying to hook up to external multi timbral synths, .or even sending midi over a single midi track for that matter..inputted my midi interface in the MIDI Output box aswell as pipeline also routed out my midi interface in reapers MIDI Hardware Output but nothing.. when it does work does midi come straight from the noatikl inserted track or other tracks enabled which then send and receive and act as a conduit ?
I know it can be done and is not just in the standalone version as it worked in noatikl 2 trial version I was running on windows xp so..
So is there something I need to do at the synth end. Am I missing something in noatikl or reaper..? Aim ultimately is to have the choice of splitting noatikls voices/midi channels to trigger soft synths and hardware..
Any advice much appreciated..

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