Resolved: Mixtikl added problems

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Resolved: Mixtikl added problems

Postby martin » Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:59 pm

I am completely new to this forum and Mixtikl Noatikl I have purchased the the package recently.
Order number 61208104.
I have had a few problems
1: I can't use randomize options in Mixtikl the track seems to highlight and then jump around after a wait the program crashes.
2. The loops and partikl I download with the package will not open.
3. How do you upload the Mixtikl tracks to Sound Cloud I can follow then SC.
4. I have not downloaded it again because I was unsure if it would work.
I love it otherwise and I am sure it only small problem and easily overcome.
Please HELP

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Re: Mixtikl added problems

Postby imtim » Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:55 pm

Hi Martin

1) I answered this in a couple of other posts.
2) Can you email me directly about 2? I need to understand more clearly what the issue is here
3) It would be great if the SoundCloud iOS app supported Audio Clipboard, but it doesn't (and we have asked!). So, right now, you will need to use iTunes App File Sharing to move your recording from your iOS device (see here: ... ation.html), and then upload to SoundCloud from your desktop.
4) You can redownload Mixtikl software from our website at any time if you need to!

Looking forward to getting you going!


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