Resolved: mixtikl to sound cloud

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Resolved: mixtikl to sound cloud

Postby martin » Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:20 pm

I maybe missing something here but here goes.
I now know how to get my mixtikl files on to iTunes and to iPhone but can't get them from that on to sound cloud or any other format that will be heard by anyone without mixtikl.
Is their a software program that can identify mixtikl tunes and convert them to Wav Mp3 etc.
I ahve tried to get sound cloud to find the files but no luck

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Re: mixtikl to sound cloud

Postby Umcorps » Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:02 am

Hi Martin,

To make a file for uploading to Soundcloud or for sharing with someone who doesn't have Mixtikl, you first need to make a recording of the mix.

How to do that is HERE

If you follow those steps on the iOS version, Mixtikl will render a WAV file and save it to its own internal library.

You then need to transfer that file to your main computer, either by using iTunes or, more simply if you have a wifi network at home, by using your web browser. Go to Main->Export=>Files via Local Network. The dialogue will show you an address and port number. Type that into your browser and you will be shown a list of all the files in Mixtikl's internal library. Right click on the one you want and download it to your desktop, same as you would for any file on the web.

Once it's on the desktop, go to your account and upload the file in the normal way.

You don't need a conversion programme. Mixtikl will cook or record files in WAV format at the sample rate you specify in the record dialogue. When you upload wav files to Soundcloud, they are converted for streaming automatically but, if you have enabled file download, although users hear an encoded version when they use the Soundcloud player, if they opt to download the file it will be in the format of the original upload, ie WAV.

Hope that makes sense.

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