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Postby imtim » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:25 am

Major Update: We have now updated Mixtikl to version

You can download the software now. Updates to the video tutorials should follow in a couple of weeks or so (as soon as we can do them).

♥ New extensive & customisable randomisation capabilities to allow easier creation of new mixes
♥ Several new dialogs that improve usability (incl. Content Cell and FX Cell screens)
♥ Find recent mixes more easily with MRU operation in Open screen
♥ iDevice: Much faster UI response for all versions (dialogs, screens, scrolling lists)
♥ iPhone: 4 high-def "retinal" skin
♥ iDevice: iOS4 fast app switching, and playback that continues when Mixtikl is backgrounded
♥ iDevice: Audio file import via Intua clipboard (Apple General Pasteboard) supporting: WAV, AU, Ogg and MIDI files
♥ Tap top-right in many lists toggles to top/bottom of list
♥ Tap Content cell for new Content Cell Menu; Tap/hold of Content Cell now loops /un-loops cell
♥ Better, cleaner UI with an increased mix area in the mixer screen
♥ Start-up progress text displayed in the start screen
♥ Track/Global FX now colour-coded in the mixer screen, and faded out when disabled
♥ Improved trigger/one-shot cell behaviour


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