Mac OS X Input/Output Selection Bug

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Mac OS X Input/Output Selection Bug

Post by markhawke7 » Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:37 pm

This is a pretty innocuous bug and perhaps is only OS X related. Basically, on the "Options/Devices" menu item, it looks like if for example you select an item on the "Input" list, it also then selects an item on the "Output" list which is the same item number in the list as you selected on the Input list. While that seems like it might be a good thing, it doesn't work out that way since, at least on my mac, on the Input menu there are both Built-In Microphone and Built-In Input options. So that makes my Input and Output list 1 item different and thus it doesn't actually end up selecting the correct item in the other list.

That wouldn't be so bad except that if you then go to the other list and select the correct item, it then changes the other list to the wrong item. :-) Kinda of a catch 22. Basically, I don't think the two lists are supposed to have any association at all and this is just a bug. At least I would suggest that they shouldn't have any association.



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