Problems using plug-in version

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Problems using plug-in version

Post by Embers » Sat May 18, 2013 1:20 pm


I have Mixtikl 4 standalone and Mixtikl 5 Desktop Audio Plugins for Mac OS X downloaded on a Snow Leopard Mac. The Mixtikl 4 works fine on its own, but I can't get the Audio Plugin to work using Garageband as my DAW.
When I set up a new track on Garageband I can see the various AU plugins I normally use, but Mixtikl isn't listed amongst them. Am I doing something basic wrong?

I did have the most recent stand alone version of Mixtikl 5 installed which wasn't working at all (I didn't realise that it doesn't work with Snow Leopard), so I uninstalled it completely and installed MIxtikl 4 instead. Any ideas? I have spent a whole morning on this and am beginning to loose the will to live! Any help very gratefully received!

All the best,

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Re: Problems using plug-in version

Post by impete » Tue May 21, 2013 11:44 am

Hi Pat,

I think this is because Garage Band only works with 32-bit Audio Units (!!).

Mixtikl is these days a 64-bit piece of software, in all its variants.

The solution for you would probably be to get the 32-bit (older) version of Mixtikl, which you can get from the link on this page:
(look for "Mixtikl 5.2.10 Desktop Audio Plugins (Incl 32 bit) Mac OS X 10.6+" ...)

Best wishes,


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