Straynge Drone 2 (also on soundcloud)

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Straynge Drone 2 (also on soundcloud)

Post by JimStraynge » Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:09 am

Hi peoples,
I did a Mixtikl, "Straynge Drone 2"! :D The mixtikl link is in this tweet ... 8764700672 together with a screenshot (jazzed up) of the deep, inspirational message (i am not a writer, i had to put something) for the visual part of Mixtikl, also attached to that tweet.
Yes all in one place! :) --
AND NOW, On soundcloud too :wink:

All props to math equations in Umcorps forum post here ... 5530#p5530 I figured out a 60 BPM song needs 75 bars to get a 5 minute mixdown. I dig mixtikl on iphone, ipad, windows, and Mac, yep they do it all! I edited the Mixtikl slowly on 3 platforms, ipad, iphone and MacBook. Then the mixdown on MacBook. I had low output volume. I tried Normalizing it in Audacity but there were peaks in some parts. I had to put the WAV in Logic to level the peaks, I think, I do not know Logic well, BUT I think my "mastering" added a harshness to the percussion. I like the actual Mixtikl better than the 5 minute version.

p.s. The first soundcloud comment was from a spam bot account, it said i was "talented" with some spam link I did not click on. Anyway, I figured I take anything, with 1 listen, and thanked the spam bot, who's soundcloud acct is gone now anyway!

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Re: Straynge Drone 2 (also on soundcloud)

Post by impete » Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:38 pm

It would seem that there are spam bots everywhere these days :(

Best wishes,


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