How do I open an older Mixtikl URL?

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How do I open an older Mixtikl URL?

Post by imtim » Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:52 pm

In autumn 2015 we took the decision that all Music URLs were henceforth to be in the domain of Wotja.

Sharing via URL is a public, social thing. We felt that to facilitate the sharing of generative content there definitely needs to be a free player available that complements the paid for version. The only app we now have this for is Wotja, in the guise of Wotja FREE.

So, when we released Mixtikl 7 it did not support the export of URLs or direct loading from a URL (see:

However, at the same time we released Wotja 3 that allowed the importing of Custom Players and Backing. These are in the form of Noatikl 3 files which can be exported from a Mixtikl 7 content cell. In Wotja 3 you can share this generative content via a Wotja Music URL (WJURL).

Watch how to do it:

Find out how to share a WJURL on the forum:

You can still load an old mixtikl URL into Mixtikl 7 by copying the old URL to the clipboard, then from Mixtikl 7 select Menu > Import.

And, of course, you still share Mixtikl files as email attachments!

More info:
Wotja 3:
Noatikl 3:
Mixtikl 7: