Adding Voices To A Cell

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Adding Voices To A Cell

Post by ltf3 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:43 pm

I find this a bit frustrating -

If i add a simple Rhythmic IME Voice Type Template to a cell I get a single voice element. ( i like to build things up slowly!).

Now I want to connect a Follower module to the Rhythmic voice. I tap/hold on the Rhythmic voice and select 'add voice type Follower '. What i get is a whole new Rhythmic voice with a Follower connected. Not what i wanted at all.

I have noticed that if instead of tapping the Rhythmic Voice , I tap the track and choose a new template ... IME Voice Type Follower, then choose "Replace" I'll get the Follower connected to the Rhythmic Voice. Although the Symantec logic of the process elludes me! Lol

I gave up trying to connect up a Rhythm voice to a chain of Followers/Repeaters.

I think tapping on an existing track should have options to 'add new voice of type...'. which just add the voice type module.

Tapping on an existing voice should have a 'connect new voice...' option which shows the types of voice which connects to a generator ( i.e. Follower, Repeater ) plus the merge or replace from template list options.

Tapping on blank space in the mix window should also have a "Create New Voice" option ... to add a simple Rhythmic, Fixed Pattern or Ambient module.

Again, i understand that many users will be happy picking a Template and be done, but building networks of voices could be a bit more intuitive.


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Re: Adding Voices To A Cell

Post by imtim » Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:45 am

Hi ltf3

Thank for telling us about your preferred work flow here; it really helps to know that.

We will need to think about this and see if we can find a way to address it.

Thanks again for the feedback!



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Re: Adding Voices To A Cell

Post by impete » Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:00 am

Hi Ift3

If you have (say) two voices displayed in your network, and you want "Voice B" to follow "Voice A", all you have to do is tap/touch Voice B, drag your mouse/finger over Voice A, and release.

I'm sure I might be missing something here - so please let me know!

Best wishes,


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