THANK YOU for the subtle betterings with Wotja5!

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THANK YOU for the subtle betterings with Wotja5!

Post by animal » Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:17 pm

Hey, I need to articulate my sincerest thank yous, Wotja 2018 doesn‘t say anything about it in the version-notes, so I didn‘t know if I should buy it rightaway or keep tinkering with 2017 for a little longer. Then I thought, „what the heck, these guys do some great work, go give them some money“, and bought 2018. To my surprise and joy the playing patches now say the title and the time (at the top). I had asked for this, since it does make so much sense for me, coming from Noatikl... . And BAM! Here it is. Veeery helpful, thanks Tim and Pete!

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Re: THANK YOU for the subtle betterings with Wotja5!

Post by imtim » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:29 pm

Hi animal

Glad you like the continuous improvements and thanks for getting Wotja 2018 :mrgreen:

As it is a major new version we decided to highlight the main new things as it is often those that people look for most of all. But, there are a lot of other improvements, too, some bigger than others.

Tip: If you tap on the Title/Root/Tempo indicator at the top it takes you right to the Root and Tempo controls. A simple shortcut to make it easier to find them.

We try our hardest to listen to feedback and to schedule things in, so it is especially nice to hear when we have made someone happy. 8)

P.S. If ever you feel up for leaving a nice review or rating, it is always appreciated as there are always some who do not grok what our tools do or are for. Nice reviews helps people understand that there ARE customers our there that do love our apps. Could they be better? Of course they could, and we work at that every day!

Thanks again for the thanks!


Tim and Pete

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