Wotja2018: "playtime ended" (ios)

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Re: Wotja2018: "playtime ended" (ios)

Postby imtim » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:19 pm


pathworker wrote:I'll hold off on the windows edition until hopefully editing is up and running( shrugs shoulders).

Totally understood. Just keep an eye out for it :). The 2018 Windows version will be available from our website. We will also have a very simple "taster" play app on the Windows Store, but there will be no UI to that. It is really just for fun.

pathworker wrote:with regards to wotja 2018(ios), I may consider moving up from the 2017 edition if i can see a compelling reason to do so as, at present this edition is serving me well for my needs.( a lot depends on how seriously ios updates adversely compromise functionality.

Well, we will be updating "Wotja 2018" for iOS during the year. The new app will not mean there is any reduction in functionality for it, as the new app is a new app :).

What's new in Wotja V 5 (compared to Wotja V4 as in Wotja 2017) is presently:
- One-press creation of Albums of mixes (fast, very useful and fun!)
- Album randomization settings
- Auto-generated mix icons
- BP3 Backing Template Pak
- Two new in-built cut-up rules
- Numerous other improvements

You can always check out Wotja V5 in "Free Mode" for free if you download the subscription version. It does not interfere with Wotja 2017.



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Re: Wotja2018: "playtime ended" (ios)

Postby impete » Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:16 pm

Hi folks, just to note that the first version of the new "Wotja X" app has been launched today - you can find out about it on the Intermorphic website!


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