How to share a wotja on the forum

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How to share a wotja on the forum

Postby imtim » Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:51 am

Tip on forum sharing of wotjas:

You are not allowed by the forum to share a Wotja Music URL directly (this applies to all URLs to prevent spammers), but you can still share it as a deep link data string.

When such a post is viewed on an iOS device, a forum visitor with Wotja iOS installed just has to tap the link to load the wotja. Easy! This is what you need to do:

- In Wotja 3.1.1+, from the Action button in the Edit Screen toolbar, select "Clipboard (Long URL)" which copies the required long form (not shortened) Wotja Music URL and wotja text to the clipboard
- Paste the clipboard in to a new forum post
- Replace the initial with wotja:// (a wotja deep link that the Wotja app understands)
- Important: Remove any emoji from your message text before posting as the forum does not like posts containing emoji (if they are in the wotja itself, that is fine).

Example (to be opened on iOS device with Wotja or Wotja FREE installed):
"The Party" - by Tim Cole (as wotja:// deep link)
wotja://wotjamusicpro&41V2a6jRhD9l_s8KC ... 6lEckIIAAA

Note: Of course when you open a Wotja Music URL you will see no text or image, as that is not included in the URL. Share a Wotja file instead if you want those to be included with it!

How to use a Custom Noatikl Player or Backing in a wotja:
Wotja video:
Noatikl video:
Noatikl video:
Mixtikl video:

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