Tip of the Day: Working with Drum Loops

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Tip of the Day: Working with Drum Loops

Post by rockula » Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:47 pm

Because the MicroBR's drum sounds are pretty dated, and because you're at the mercy of the patterns they give you, here are a few suggestions that may help.

If you have a way to play back Midi files and assign a plugin to use for drum sounds (any DAW program such as Garageband with the built in drum sounds and loops, EZ Drummer, etc), export the midi pattern as a Wav file to your computer. You can also use Wav/Aiff Loop CD's and export whatever loops you want to your computer. You can also create entire "drum performances" with any DAW program, and feed the line in of your MicroBR and record the drums to a mono or stereo track. Any wav file you save to your computer, whether it's a loop, or a series of loops, can be imported into your MicroBR and assembled for a drum track.

You can also do the reverse... which is to record your guitars, bass, vocals to a click track within the MicroBR, then export each track to your computer, import them into your DAW, and create a drum performance using the same tempo and it should line right up providing your exported each track from the very start of the song.

For the record, I have done the "play a performance from my DAW feeding the line in of my BR", but not the others. However I know it will work. I've had my MicroBR a long time but have used it primarly as a practice tool. I've only recently started exploring all that it can do. So I'm not yet the guy to ask when it comes to working with Virtual tracks, looping, etc. Those are on my list of things to learn for sure. I'm very experienced with most DAW programs and have recorded a long long time. But this MicroBR is a great little device! I use both the on board mic but recently tried using my Stereo T mic with a battery driven Pre-Amp/DI. I think it sounds better with the T mic. I used the line in on my first test run. But I noticed that if I selected the EXT as the input, the sound was possibly even better. So I'm going to look into that and will report back.

Finally, I've downloaded most all of the programs you can use with the MicroBR, but haven't fully tried them all out. I went thru them quickly, and unfortunately they are quite "dated" looking. I'm still not sure how useful they will end up being. The one where you can edit your presets is quite cool. I also downloaded and installed that Drum Pattern Arranger program, but I don't quite understand what it's trying to do. If I have to use anything that uses MicroBR drum sounds, then I may not be interested. There are a couple kits that are ok. So, if it's a tool that allows me to import my own patterns and chain them together, that could be really cool and would eliminate the need for doing a bunch of DAW work for the drums. I'm sure i'll have some questions!

It looks like this forum doesn't have much action going on... so perhaps my questions will fall on deaf ears? I hope not!


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Re: Tip of the Day: Working with Drum Loops

Post by ljoe1969 » Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:21 am

What programs are you talking about when you say you have downloaded most all of the ones to work with the micro br?

i just got a micro a couple days ago.


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Re: Tip of the Day: Working with Drum Loops

Post by jakerock » Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:05 pm

Just a note to say that you can make yr DAW based drum loops / performances and transfer them straight to the card via USB too... no additional AD/DA conversion.

Once they are on the card, you can disconnect USB, and import the wav / mp3 of the drum stuff to a track in the song on the BR.

Also, the BR Explorer and Wave Converter are klunky, but useful. You can rename / explore files / song directories in backups or on the device with Explorer, and with Wave Converter can quickly export all tracks from a BR format song to wave format for importing to a DAW.

Rhythm track must be rendered to a track or V-track to be exported using this method...

Best, Jake

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