Dane Elec 2GB Card works

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Dane Elec 2GB Card works

Post by jakerock » Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:45 pm

Hey all...
Just took delivery of 2 Dane Elec 2 GB Cards http://www.jr.com/daneelec/pe/DNL_DASD2048R/ ($5.50 each)
Heres what the one delivered looks like:

Working so far... Another retail site says these are "class 2"

The SD Wiki page says that is 2MB/s transfer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Digital
The product page @ J&R says "Up to 10 MB/s read/write speed"

Heres what testing I have done so far:
I popped it in, formatted the Dane Elec on the BR, recorded 4 tracks played back, shut down, restarted - playback / recording OK
Backed up my old card to the PC, reformatted the Dane in the BR, erased all info in the "BR0" folder including "CARDPRM.BR1" and "DISKINF2.BR0"
....Transferred the song folders from "BR0" directory I backed up to the PC (not including the "CARDPRM.BR1" and "DISKINF2.BR0" files and disconnected the USB...

Playback of all songs OK.
Saving / Loading of songs is much faster than on my old card...

Other cards that have given me problems didnt do so for a couple of days... I will report back if there are problems, but workng well so far.

Thought I would pass this along, since these cards are dirt cheap, and there is so much misunderstanding about what cards will work with the BR.

UPDATE: Have seen the "disk busy" message a couple of times now. Stopping recording and starting again "fixes" it.

Best to all... Jake

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