BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 - Factory patterns volume level

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BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 - Factory patterns volume level

Post by cihpromretni » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:55 pm

I created simple PC application (originally for me). I found the factory patterns are too loud (volume level is 90). When I play in eBand mode along with my guitar it gets overloaded. Using this application I set volume level lower for all patterns very fast and simply.

J8S Level

Using J8S Level you can set volume level in J8S files.
J8S files are used by Roland/BOSS in BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 Digital Recorder to store some specific settings for patterns used in eBand mode.
Volume level for patterns is stored in the J8S files too.
By default it is usual to edit volume level using internal functions of BR-80.
But you will need many button clicks to do it by this standard way.

With this application you can:
1. Open folder with J8S files (it opens recursively all sub folders too).
2. After open you will get the list of the files displayed together with their current volume level values.
3. You can select a new value for volume level.
4. You can set the new volume level in J8S files (not individually but one value for all). This operation overwrites only the volume settings in files. Another information stays untouched.

You can use it free. Please make backup before using. I am not responsible for any data loss. I tested it only with my own BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 Digital Recorder.
Recommended system requirements: Windows 7.
For older Windows versions you need .net Framework installed to use this application.
If you don't understand what these mean: folder, file, backup, windows - then DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION!

Download: ... el.7z.html

Created by: Esbre @ Pe^as Brothers, 2012

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Re: BOSS MICRO BR BR-80 - Factory patterns volume level

Post by Jaymark » Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:59 am

Hi, I am having trouble with my micro br 80. I know it's me and not the unit. I can't seem to get the converter to work properly and I cannot export my files from the eband/user to my computer. WTH! I must be doing something wrong. I did the update to the 1.04 ver. and still troubles. Any help from you possible? This is frustrating because I solo over my jam tracks and can t transfer them to the computer. I get an export failed prompt when i try to use the eBand Song List editor. GRRRRRR to no end!

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