How to learn the Micro BR effectively: Charting your work

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How to learn the Micro BR effectively: Charting your work

Post by jmccull1 » Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:37 pm

I've owned my MicroBR for 6 months now. I got discouraged with it because the menu navigation was pretty confusing.

Two things REALLY improved my understanding of the unit.

The first was recognizing that there is a very small arrow in the upper right corner(near the battery indicator)that will keep you from randomly scrolling and not knowing where you are in the menu. Once you grasp that the Utility/Track screen allows you to get an overview of all of your tracks and v-tracks, life becomes easier!

The other GIANT help was 'charting' everything. BOSS provides a little chart in the back of the owner's manual. I used that to pattern one that I started using. When you are jumping from screen to screen and moving from 'track 2-v3 to track 3-v2', it can get confusing very quickly.

I get to the V track screen and identify all of my tracks(including v tracks) and identify what is contained on each one. I also note(on the chart)which track I want to move/copy/delete on the chart. It is MUCH easier to get to the 'copy' screen and read directly from your notes instead of trying to remember 'Copy Tr2-v3 to Tr3-v2, from MEAS 113-2 to 121-1, repeated 4 times'...if you are doing a lot of moving, it gets confusing very quickly.

It's also a great idea to make a note of the effects that you are using, the rhythm that you are using, and the tempo at which you are recording, as this is an issue with this unit.

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