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Wotja FREE 1.6.22 (iOS) [RELEASE]

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:25 pm
by imtim
Wotja FREE for iOS (1.6.22)

** Wotja FREE for iOS is the same as Wotja for iOS (and full app), but with a few limitations. See: **

Looking for new music ideas? Wotja FREE turns your words into beautiful tunes with generative backing. It's a powerful app!

No musical knowledge is needed; just enter a name, message, hash tag or even numbers & emoji etc. and then let Wotja FREE work its generative magic. It's fun, easy and you can even share your "wotja".

There are *plenty* of options to play with; you can change sounds, backing and lots more. You'll soon find Wotja FREE to be a powerful, effective and deceptively simple creativity app you will likely return to time after time.

Musicians: Unleash Wotja FREE’s "generative music" power with the Phrasing and Improvise settings. Inter-App Audio and Audiobus are also supported when Wotja FREE is in the foreground.

Wotja download links:
Wotja FREE for iOS at the iTunes App Store:
Wotja for iOS at the iTunes App Store:
Wotja for iOS in Generative Music Apps bundle: