Some requests

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Some requests

Post by Ben » Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:49 am


I have been using Wotja more and more lately in the train to go to work.
I was using a lot noatikl on PC and on ipad but on an iphone it's not so much fun. The screen is too small even if you made a great GUI design.
Wotja is straight to the point, in 2 seconds you have set something or even faster with the dice. My second best app for noodling just after ilooch which can't be beaten (results/setup time ratio).
Here's some improvements i thought of:

Melody composition:
- for clarity, perhaps just have the separator in the melody composition panel every 2 lines so the "parameter" and its "range" are kept together. perhaps the value could be displayed in a single string as 1+2 or [1,3] for instance.
- I think a small drawing would help to understand how the parameter phrasing/spacing/interval work. It's not clear and had to look in the manual several time, even after that, I keep forgetting. It's perhaps because english is not my native language?
- Variation: why not have this setting be applied/selectable for each parameter? exemple to change the lead voice.
Perhaps the range sliders could become a % of variation when change after tune is used or the dices are rolled. So for instance I could freeze things I like but roll the dice to do variation on non-locked parameters.

- Why separate the 2 lists? Is there a technical limitation that would prevent me for instance to have 2 drones? (Rolling the dice on the "drone pak" in mixtikl is something I do sometimes too).
- A third/4th player would be great.
- A randomization of the partikl sound engine without having to use noatikl would be great too. I understand that you would like to "sell" some noatikl license and have no problem with that, but perhaps Wotja could just detect that noatikl is purchased and without opening it just unlock some extra "customization/randomization" features?

- great addition there. Would it be possible to have the file "squares" colored like the theme/style used in the wotja? Perhaps even have a thumbnail of the picture if used?
thinking when writing, perhaps instead of typing some text, the seeds could even just be RGB colors from the theme/style. I still don't see exactly the relation between the letters and the tune produced. Some ascii code conversion I guess but perhaps just drawing on the screen or using colors could bring more fun (instead of the useless game screen). The drawing would be divided in cells and the average color determine the note to be generated?
Cellular automation (conway's game of life is a great way to see evolution, too but that's perhaps an idea for another application :mrgreen: )

- a setting to "center/mirror" the blobs and have mandala-like patterns would be awesome.

Well I guess that's already a lot of stuff. I stop here.
Keep on the great work.


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Re: Some requests

Post by imtim » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:35 am

Hi Ben

Thanks for the lovely feedback and also for you suggestions - you would be surprised at how much we already have on the list of potential improvements, so it is useful to see what you have picked up on :). Please keep the feedback coming though!

We want to keep moving with Wotja as it has so much potential and we are still really only scratching the surface.

NB: If ever you had a chance, it would be lovely if you could leave a review on the App Store!

Best wishes,


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