How to share Partikl Sound Presets

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How to share Partikl Sound Presets

Post by imtim » Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:06 am

Everyone: This sub-forum is meant to be a resource for those looking to find some new Partikl Sound presets to include in their pieces.

Sound Designers: This sub-forum is a place for you to share some of the clever sound networks you have designed and know that others will appreciate them!

Important: Share only Sound Presets you have made and that you are happy for others in the community to use without attribution or copyright issues.

How to share Partikl Sounds Presets, and to use them:
From the relevant Partikl Sound Network Editor, simply select the Export button in the toolbar (an up arrow). This copies the Sound Network to the clipboard, and you can paste it into your forum post.

Simply copy the Sound Network from the Forum post and import into the Partikl Sound Network Editor with the Import button in the toolbar (a down arrow). Note that doing this will replace your current existing Sound Network.

  • If you want to share more Sound Presets, you might find it easier for others to find them if you continually add to an existing post you have made.
  • When sharing Sound Presets that rely on some e.g. Global Sound FX, rather than sharing both separately, it might make sense to combine the FX Network (from left to right) into the Sound Network. The way to do this is to tap/hold a FX unit and select Copy. From there, go into the Sound Network and tap/hold on the last unit and then select Paste After. Do this one unit at a time, noting you will need to apply any Junction and controller settings you have used.