Wotja V4: Template List (5m)

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Wotja V4: Template List (5m)

Post by imtim » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:56 am


A quick tutorial for Wotja for iOS. It's all about how to access and use the template list/templates screen, and in 5 minutes it covers:

- Template icon indicator in Files list
- How to access the Templates screen/list (Settings or Manual Mix)
- What the Left / Right panels in the template list are for
- Previewing templates
- The "Random?" toggle
- Tagging/Untagging templates for use in mix randomisation
- Creating a new mix based on one template
- Saved Files and what can be tagged when "Random?" is on
- Non-included but installed Paks (italic), e.g. MDB Pak
- How to find and play the included Demo mixes
- Using the "Show Older?" toggle to display older included Paks
- How to display the Template list from a Content Cell

Text captions are provided if you want them (turn those on in the Youtube player).

This tutorial was created on an iPhone 7 with Wotja 4.9.

Get Wotja for iOS (it's FREE!): https://itunes.apple.com/app/id945655868