Wotja V4: Creating a Drone Mix (10m)

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Wotja V4: Creating a Drone Mix (10m)

Postby imtim » Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:05 am


Another quick tutorial for Wotja for iOS. This one is about how to create a mix starting with a VoiceType template, add auto-panning and change Wavetable sounds and end up with a nice "drone" style mix (from about 4m 40s on). In around 10 minutes it covers:

- How to create a new mix based on an Ambient VoiceType template
- How to duplicate Voices
- How to change Pitch Range/Ranges and why
- Piece level rules, what they are for and how to change/edit them
- How to add auto-panning to an ISE Network (LFO unit of type "Note on Random" modulating Pan)
- How to change a Wavetable patch
- How to access and change a Wavetable Envelope
- How to merge a template into an existing Cell (thus combining generators in one Cell)
- Other useful things also covered in other tutorials

For further in depth detail on Wotja, refer to the Wotja User Guide: https://intermorphic.com/wotja/guide

This is the Wotja mix created in this tutorial: wotja://wj4UEsDBBQAAAAIAAAAIAAx_Sw2hAgA ... AKsIAAAAAA

Text captions are provided if you want them (turn those on in the Youtube player).

This tutorial was created on an iPhone 7 with Wotja 4.11.3.

Get Wotja for iOS (it's FREE!): https://itunes.apple.com/app/id945655868

NB: Wotja is a creativity app and it can generate a live stream of ambient music. There is a lot to play with in respect of MIDI note generation via the IME and Sound generation via the ISE. These two engines, the IME (Intermorphic Music Engine - https://intermorphic.com/ime/4/) and ISE (Intermorphic Sound Engine - https://intermorphic.com/ise/4/), allow a lot of experimentation, and the way to learn about them is really to experiment. Each time I make something, even if I generally know what I plan to do, I will always do something different just because…. :)

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