Using liptikl for the first time

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Using liptikl for the first time

Post by impete » Sun Dec 16, 2007 7:33 pm

Hi folks,

It seems that not everybody using liptikl has figured-out that the way to use it isn't just to accept what it gives you first time; it is a creative tool that you have to play with to get good results!

Remember to generate a few times until you see bits you like; then lock-down the words you like, and try some more generations. Edit bits directly if you feel inspired, and lock those words down too as you wish.

Use the thesaurus or dictionary features if you get stuck!

Or, of course you can import your own lyrics directly and start playing with the verses that you've already created; locking those bits you want fixed, and leaving liptikl to juggle the rest around.

Liptikl wasn't designed to replace the creative process; it has been created to help you come up with different ideas either when you're stuck, or are just looking for some inspiration in the world of words!

Hoping this helps! :)


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Post by Loopy C » Sun Dec 16, 2007 10:22 pm

Indeed :wink:

My approach so far with Liptikl has been as a ‘lateral movement initiator’ (i.e. Edward De Bono’s theories of creative innovation).

Liptikl’s variants on the material shift my understanding of what these words mean when grouped in limited and shifting sets. This leads me into new ways of ’seeing’. As in ‘Deconstruction’ technique, this allows the deriving of new semiotic signs by recontextualization, thus new meaning from the generated patterns seen are inferred and constructed.

It may be that Liptikl’s output does not even show up in the final edit BUT it’s lateral turn in ‘thinking’ about the content is still a direct contribution to the creative outcome :)

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